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1. Download Sten #1 free. Just send me an e-mail with Free Sten E-book in the subject line and I'll send you a link.

2. Enter the drawing for ten autographed books - five copies of The Alex Kilgour Jokebook and five copies of The Sten Cookbook. Just send me an E-mail with Empire Day in the subject line and I'll put your name in the hopper. The drawing will be held on the last day of the festival - March 18.
The First Annual Empire Day festivities begin tomorrow, March 15 (The Ides Of March) and will last a liver-pounding four days, taking in St. Patrick's Day as well, with another day thrown in to let the Eternal Emperor know we're really serious.

With all that in  mind it isn't too late to lay in a goodly supply of Stregg, the heart-stopping booze of the Bhor.

For those who aren't in the know, Stregg first appears in Sten #2 - The Wolf Worlds, where a race of Viking-like beings is introduced. The Bhor are wont to toss around phrases like, "By my mother's beard," and "By my father's frozen buttocks," and quickly became fan favorites, so Chris and I kept them around for the whole series and they became Sten's allies in the waning days of the Empire. He even married one of them: Cind, the drop-dead gorgeous human foster-child of the Bhor Chieftain, Otho.

But where did Streg come from? And even more important - how can you score some?

Hailing from an ice-planet, the Bhor's ancestral enemy was the Streggan, a fierce beast that hunted the Bohr almost into annihilation. Finally, they turned the tide and wiped out the beast entirely, except for a lonely zoo-bound few.

The Bhor love their enemies as much as they hate them, so they named their favorite drink Stregg, in honor of their ancient foes.

The names of the beast and the spirits were inspired by a boozy session the authors’ had at Harry’s Bar in Century City, California. It was after a grueling day marching with their fellow on-strike writers outside the ABC Center. You get thirsty after three hours of yelling things like, "Down With The Network Suits," and "My Agent - Yes! My Partner - Maybe! My Residuals - Never!"

It was at Harry's Bar that we discovered the wonders of Stregga, the Italian liqueur. (It means witch.)

To make Stregg for yourself mix one part Stregg and one part white tequila. It's best served on the rocks.

But save some of that tequila, because the only way to recover from a Stregg hangover is to treat your symptoms with an Agent Orange Cocktail.

That's basically a tequila screwdriver - fresh squeezed orange juice with tequila, instead of vodka.

A Tequila Bloody Mary or three will also do the trick.

Stregg forever...


Sten #1
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Sten #4 - Fleet Of The Damned
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The MisAdventures began humbly enough - with about 2,000 readers. When it rose to over 50,000 (we're now knocking at the door of 100,000) I started listening to those of you who urged me to collect the stories into a book. Starting at the beginning, I went back and rewrote the essays, adding new detail and events as they came to mind. This book is the result of that effort. However, I'm mindful of the fact, Gentle Reader, that you also enjoy having these little offerings posted every Friday to put a smile on your face for the weekend. So I'll continue running them until it reaches the final Fade Out. Meanwhile, it would please the heart of this ink-stained wretch - as well as tickle whatever that hard black thing is in my banker's chest - if you bought the book. It will make a great gift, don't you think? And if you'd like a personally autographed copy you can get it directly through my (ahem) Merchant's Link at Click here. Buy the book and I will sign it and ship it to you. Break a leg!

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