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"Let me know how he works out. I think that Sten is a boy to watch." (The Eternal Emperor)
Finally Sten turned to Alex, incredulous. "You mean, that's the story I've been waiting for, for the last year?" ... "Aye," Kilgour said. "Dinnae it b'wonderful?"


N-Space—Year One

THE MAN SAT quietly in his seat, watching the color/noncolor through what appeared to be the ship’s port. He was dark and muscular with startling blue eyes. He wore a white form-fitting tunic and soft white slippers. He’d been watching dazzling lights for many… days… weeks… months? The terms made only vague sense.

He never tired of the view, even though it hurt his eyes. It was always the same. But different. Shifting shapes and patterns. Bursting bits of color. It had always been so soothing. But not today. It made him tense. Yearning. The cabin’s womblike coziness felt smothering.

A thought came to him. He peered through the port. The Voice said it was the place where two universes touched. A gateway. Yes, he knew that. But, what was it called? An answer crawled into his brain:… Discontinuity.

Fazlur’s Discontinuity.

He snapped up. Felt the hair on his arms prickle up. Where did that come from? The Voice? No. It came from…


The man rose and padded to the far end of the cabin. There was a mirror on that wall. He peered into it.

Saw the face. For the first time, it seemed… familiar. As if it didn’t belong to… someone else? Yes. That was it He rusked a hand across the cheek. Again… the sensation was so… deeply… familiar. He looked into the eyes. Saw the sardonic creases at the edges. The blue that could turn so quickly gray and cold. He laughed. Heard the echo of that laugh collide around the room.

God. The sound of it was so wonderful.

He touched the surface of the mirror, trembling fingers outlining the reflection.

He nearly wept to find himself there.

Then he pulled himself together. He stood back from the mirror. Put his hands on his hips… posing for his own benefit. He looked long and hard at the image of himself. Measuring for any sign of weakness.

Finding none. He nodded. Satisfied.

A thought jumped up: The forever king.

He frowned. What was the rest? Back there, when…

He remembered.

“I am the Emperor,” he said aloud.

He grinned at his image in the mirror.

“The Eternal Emperor.”

The Beginning

To see how all this plays out - for good or ill, or even some of both - you'll want to read the eight-novel Sten series, which in e-books, audiobooks and dead tree editions, has sold over twenty five million copies in a dozen languages.

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Sten #8 - Empire's End
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And, did I mention, Alex Kilgour's Worst Joke Ever?


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